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Q. What is Digicel?
Digicel Cayman is a telecommunications provider which launched in the Cayman Islands in March 2004, heralding the liberalization of the telecom industry.  Digicel provides 4G mobile communication services, products and support including GSM Voice, Broadband Internet and Mobile Data. The company serves its customers on the brand pillars of the best service, coverage and value. 


Q. What is the percentage of island-wide coverage for Digicel?
Digicel has 99% crystal clear GSM coverage across all three of the Cayman Islands.

Q. Why is it difficult to get good coverage in elevators and in basements?
A. In many areas such as inside an elevator or the basement of a building it may become difficult to use your phone. This is because the radio signal can't penetrate the steel and concrete to reach the handset. The signal strength bars on your phone will reflect the level of coverage you can expect to receive in these locations.


Q. What is GSM?
GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communications, is an open technology that offers high quality and clarity in voice calls. GSM technology offers some of the widest ranges of services in the world today. It also offers the highest level of security against cloning of any digital standard. This means that calls are scrambled so that no one can eavesdrop on your conversations.  


Q. What is Broadband?

Digicel provides 4G Broadband internet services for personal computers, serving both residential and corporate customers.

Q. What type of 4G Broadband network does Digicel uses?

Digicel’s 4G Network is a 802.16e Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) network that provides mobile broadband “over the air” internet connections. It is a telecommunication technology that provides mobile internet access to devices including desktop computers, laptops and notebooks. Digicel 4G Broadband offers customers access to affordable and reliable internet solution over the first 4G WiMax network in the Cayman Islands.*




Q. What is the most advanced mobile data network that Digicel provides?

Digicel offers the latest 4G mobile data network using Evolved High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+), which is a wireless broadband technology which theoretically can provide data rates up to 84 Mbit/s in the downlink and 22 Mbit/s in the uplink with multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) technologies.    T mobile in USA has chosen HSPA+ for its 4G Network. Its main advantage is that it is a 3G evolution technology and therefore all 3G phones will work with HSPA+.


Q. What are the benefits of using Digicel 4G network?

  • Digicel customers benefit from 4G mobile data and broadband speeds.
  • Digicel has invested over US$85 million in rolling out HSPA+ and WiMAX services in Cayman and across the region, creating the strongest and most resilient 4G networks.
  • There is no need for line rentals, installation fees or contracts with Digicel 4G service.
  • Digicel 4G Home offers mobility, speed, unlimited data plans and flexible payment options to provide the best value in the Cayman Islands.
  • Digicel 4G Mobile offers mobility, speed, tailored plans for 3G and HSPA+ handset and tablets options to provide the best value in the Cayman Islands.



Q. Does my service come with Voicemail?
Yes, every Digicel customer gets voicemail at no extra cost. For your convenience Digicel has set up automatic diverts to your voicemail if your phone is switched off or unanswered. You will receive a digiTEXT message informing you that you have a new voicemail.

Q. How do I set-up my Voicemail
A. It's as easy as 1-2-3! Simply dial 123 and follow the instructions. We recommend that you change your default password from 0000 to an easily remembered number.

Q. Can I check my Voicemail from any phone?
Yes, you can. To access Digicel's Messaging Service from your mobile phone, simply dial 123. Or, if you wish, you can dial + 1345 326 0000 from a landline, or when you are roaming abroad. If you are calling from a landline, you will be asked to enter your phone mobile number and password. Your default password is 0000. You will need this password to access your voicemail from a fixed line or from abroad.      

Q. How can I access my voicemail while abroad/roaming?
Please dial + 1 345 326 0000. Note that your default password is 0000.You will need this password to access your voicemail from abroad.

Q. What other features does my Digicel phone come with?
All Digicel customers enjoy Call Wait/Call Hold, Calling Line Identity, Call Restrictions, Call Barring, our easy to use text messaging service and Multi party Conferencing.



Q. How do I send a text message to another Digicel number?
It's easy! Simply select "MESSAGE" from your phone menu, compose your text message and either ‘SEND’ it to the Digicel number or ‘FIND’ the number in your phonebook.

Q. Can I send a text message from any other medium except my phone?

Yes. You may use Digicel’s Web Text from the Digicel Cayman website ( to send text messages. This is a value added service which is free to customers.

Q. What's the longest Text Message that I can send and receive?
The character limit for text messages is 160 including spaces and punctuation. Many  handsets allow you to type messages over 160 characters. In this case, the message will be broken up & sent as separate messages of up to 160 characters each, ‘TRUNCATED.’

Q. What if someone tries to send me a Text and my phone is either turned-off or out of coverage?
A. The message will be stored in memory.

Q. Who can I receive Text  messages from?
A. You can receive a Text message from any mobile telecom GSM network or subscriber.


"Please Call Me..." SERVICE

Q. What is “Please Call Me”?
"Please Call Me" is a service that allows you to send a standard text message to another Digicel customer requesting that they contact or call you. There is no charge for this service.

Q. How does ‘Please Call Me’ work?
To send a “Please Calll Me” message, type *126*1345Digicel mobile number# and then press ‘SEND’. The person to whom the message is directed receives a text “Please call me: 1345 Digicel mobile number. Thank You!”

For example if 3271234 wants 3261234 to call them, then 3271234 sends the following: *126*13453261234#. Subscriber 3261234 will receive a message: “Please call me 13453271234. Thank You!”

You must enter the area code with the number ie. 13453256000. If the number entered as the mobile number is invalid because of incorrect number of digits, or is not a valid Digicel number (i.e. C&W mobile, fixed line, overseas number, etc.), then the sender gets a message “Number is in wrong format please re-enter using areacode “1345xxxxxxx”.

Q. Can any customer use Please Call Me?
This service is only available to prepaid customers. You must have less than CI $0.10 credit to use the Call Me service. If your balance is over this amount you will receive a message saying “Your balance must be less than CI $0.10 to use Please Call Me, please dial direct.”
If customer is not a prepaid subscriber, they would get the message: “Message failed – you are not a valid Please Call Me subscriber”

If a customer is out of airtime they can still use Please Call Me. They must however have a balance of less than CI $ 0.10. If their airtime has expired however, or if their balance is above this amount this service will not work.

Q. Is there a charge for using Please call me?
This service is free.

Q. Are there any limitations on number of messages that can be sent?
A Digicel customer can send a maximum of 3 messages per day.

Q. Can I use Please Call me to other Digicel islands?
A. You can send Please Call Me messages to subscribers in any Digicel island.

    • Enter *126*areacodephonenumber# from a blank display eg. For Haiti *126*5097288340#
    • Press "Send".

Q.  What is the format to send Please Call Me messages to countries whose international access code is 011, 00 or +?

To send Please Call Me messages:

  • For 011 Access Codes
    • Remove the access code.
    • Keep the area code and remove the initial "0" from the phone number if there is one.
    • Send call me message as *126*areacodephonenumber#.
    • Press "Send".

Sheree wants to send a call me message to 011 44 07717584456.
Sheree types *126*447717584456#SND

For "+" the procedure is the same just remove the "+".


For 00 Access Codes

    • Remove the access code.
    • Keep the area code and remove the initial "0" from the phone number if there is one.
    • Send call me message as *126*areacodephonenumber#.
    • Press "Send".

Michael wants to send a call me message to 00696942948.
Michael types *126*696942948#SND



Q. How does Multi Party Conferencing work?
Multi Party Conferencing allows a Digicel customer to call up to 5 other people so that everyone is connected to listen and participate simultaneously, on one call. It's very easy:

  • Dial the first person, press 2 ‘send’ to put the call on hold.
  • Dial the second person and press 3 ‘send’ to connect the call together.
  • Press 2 ‘send’ to put the call on hold.
  • Dial a third person and press 3 ‘send’ to connect all people together.
  • You pay for each call separately.

Q. How many people can be on a multi party conference call?
Up to 6 people, the organizer and 5 others.

Q. Can other people add additional callers to the conference call?
Yes other Digicel subscribers can add people to the call.

Q. If the organizer hangs-up, do the other calls remain connected?
No, the other calls all end.

Q. How does a customer get Multi-party Conferencing?
This feature will be automatically provisioned for all subscribers – prepaid and postpaid.

Q. How much does this cost?
A customer is charged for every call he makes so if he makes 5 calls out he will be charged regular Digicel rates for each of these calls. *Service not applicable to bundled minutes.



Q. What is Digi-Info?

Digicel Info is an SMS tool used to receive information on popular subjects including the weather, sports and movies.

Q. How much does Digi-Info cost?
This service is CI $0.10 per text.

Q. Do I get charged for multiple or recurring messages?
A. Yes.

Q. How do I register for the service?
There is no need to register for the service. To receive an update, text the keyword to 4636 (INFO) and you will get the information.

Q. How long does it take to receive the information?
You should receive the information in less than one minute.

Q. What type of information can I receive?
The service offers news, sports, movies, jokes, weather, horoscopes, quiz game, information on dentist/doctor and flight information.

Q. How often is information updated?
It depends on the service. For example, local News is updated once a day.



Q. What do you mean by Digicel Flex or Prepaid Customer?
Digicel Flex or ‘Pay As You Go,’ allows customers to use and pay for mobile telecom services as they use (real time). It offers the convenience of ‘Top-up’ credit which allows customers to add credit to their phones when convenient.  


Q. What do you mean by Digicel Select or Contract customer?
Digicel Select is the company’s postpaid service that allows customers to use Digicel services and pay later, via billing. Digicel Select customers receive monthly bills via post or e-Bill.



Q. What are the dialing instructions between Digicel mobiles and landlines?
A. When dialing from a Digicel Mobile to any landline or mobile within Cayman, simply dial all seven digits of the number you are trying to reach. When dialing internationally, use ‘1’ or ‘011’ before the country code. '+' can replace the international access code.



Q. Can I choose or customize a telephone number I want e.g. to spell my name etc.?
Digicel Select (postpaid) customers may access Number Customization, with any of our number ranges. The number you choose may be available to you, if it has not yet been assigned to someone else.  Digicel Flex customers will not have access to this service as all Prepaid package have pre-assigned numbers.

Q. If I am a Digicel Flex customer can I change my mobile number?
A. Yes. You may change your mobile number via a SIM change.



Q. Can I use my Digicel phone when I go overseas?
Yes. Roaming is easy through Digicel Caribbean countries and Digicel Roaming partners worldwide.  In order to be able to roam with Digicel you must pay a roaming deposit and then contact Customer Care (100) to ensure that your roaming profile is activated. For a complete list of our roaming partners, please go to the ‘Roaming’ section of this website.

Q. What is "International Roaming"?
A. International Roaming is the facility to make and receive calls outside of the local Digicel network in Cayman.

Q. How do I get "Roaming" on my phone?
To get roaming on your phone, you will be required to pay a roaming deposit at the Digicel Flagship store.

Q. How are "International Roaming" calls charged?
It depends on the direction of the call i.e. whether the call is incoming (i.e. someone is calling you) or out-going (i.e. you are ringing someone). Roaming rates differ from region to regiona and will be set between Digicel and the overseas Operator whose network you are using. The charges will appear on your next bill. For outgoing calls, when you are abroad, if you are calling home you will be billed at a different rate than when you are calling within that particular country.

Q. What is Digi-ROAM?
Digi-ROAM is a roaming service available to all Digicel customers when they roam to another 'Digicel island'. There are standard rates. Please visit the ‘Roaming’ section of this website.  

Q. How do I activate the service for prepaid service?
All Digicel prepaid accounts are pre-activated for roaming. There will be no need to manually activate the service or to call customer care for activation.

Q. Do I need a roaming deposit to access the service?
No, prepaid roaming access does not require a roaming deposit.  However, roaming rates apply.

Q. How much will I be charged for prepaid roaming service?
Charges will be deducted from your prepaid account for calls made while roaming. You are also charged to receive calls when roaming.