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Digicel's Blackberry Prepaid Data


Digicel Blackberry Prepaid Data




[1].         What is Blackberry Data?

The Blackberry data is considered a wireless internet solution, providing access to emails and internet service wherever you go. Digicel provides two Blackberry Data plans:

Blackberry Unlimited data (full service) offers users both email (hosted & integrated) plus internet browsing (or access to the browser transport for services like the BlackBerry App World storefront).


Blackberry Social bundle which offers Social Network Applications (Facebook and MySpace) and Instant Messaging services ( BB Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger etc.).



[2].         What are the choices of plans that Prepaid Blackberry Data services allow Digicel customers?





Blackberry Social

One week


Blackberry Unlimited

One day


One week


One month





[3].         How do customers register for Prepaid Blackberry Data in order to benefit from internet   capabilities?

Dial *136# [press SEND] and follow the instructions.

SMS instructions will be sent to the user’s phone, which the customer should follow to activate

the service. The customer will be given the choice of all plans that are available from which he/

she will choose and confirm.

 Customer receives the Welcome SMS text

“Welcome to Digicel Blackberry Plan. Instructions will follow in the next SMS message“

Customer will get a text stating the plans available and the short code to send to select the plan they want.

To activate Unlimited Blackberry 1 at a cost of 1.60 CID dial *136*10#.To activate Unlimited Blackberry 7 at a cost of 10.00 CID  dial *136*20#. .

To activate Unlimited Blackberry 30 at 45.00 CID for 1 month dial *136*30#.To activate plan Blackberry Social at a cost of 3.00 CID for 7 days dial *136*50#.


[4].       Do I need credit on my phone to subscribe to the Digicel Blackberry data plan?



[5].         What are some of the benefits of subscribing to Digicel’s Prepaid Blackberry Data service.

No contract required.

Usage and payments are determined by customer given three choices of Unlimited Data Plan and choice of Blackberry Social, starting as low as $3 per week, depending on need for internet access.

No deposit required. Customers can only use what they have pre-purchased like all GSM prepaid services.

Once registered, customers can now access all internet data services such as Blackberry Messenger, Facebook, MSN, Internet Explorer etc. using the Blackberry BIS (full) or social networks and instant messaging using Blackberry Social


 [6].         Will a Customer Care agent need to provision the handset from the Blackberry administrative website to activate services?

No. The service allows the customer to register and activate the service from the handset. An electronic Blackberry instructional manual is sent to the respective SIM account once registration has been commenced.


[7].         Who will activate the customer’s web account?

Customers can setup their web and/or email accounts by visiting The steps are easy:

Enter the URL: www.digicel.blackberry .com 

Select the ‘Create a New Account’ tab.

Read the Terms and Conditions and indicate that it has been read by ticking ‘I have read and understand the legal terms and conditions’. Indicate agreement by ticking ‘I Agree’.

 A screen will appear requesting the valid PIN and IMEI numbers of the desired Blackberry device.

Log in identities to be supplied with your username and password.

 The customer will now have access to enter email options with a maximum of 10 email accounts.


[8].         Can postpaid customers subscribe to this service temporarily?

Yes. If the customer has a dual account (hybrid) then the prepaid service should have capability.


 [9].         How does a customer deactivate the Prepaid Blackberry Data service?

The service automatically expires once the duration of time purchased has passed. The customer will receive an SMS text warning that service is about to expire.

Alternatively, you may can choose to deactivate the Blackberry Data service by dialing *138*6*10# to terminate subscription.


[10].       Can a customer switch plans interchangeably to match needs?

No.     Once a customer is registered to a plan, he/ she cannot change plans before terminating the previous or existing plan.


[11].       What should a customer do if a plan expires but the customer wants to continue using the Digicel Blackberry Prepaid Data service?

The customer should check to confirm that the Blackberry Prepaid Plan has actually expired. 

The customer should call Customer Care who will guide the customer through trouble-shooting.

If the customer’s plan has expired or is not active, dial *136# to activate a new plan. 


 [12].       How can I ensure that I always have an active Prepaid Blackberry plan available?

To prevent disruption in service because your plan has expired, maintain a minimum amount of credit on your phone according to the registered plan. This will ensure that the plan is automatically refinanced without expiring.


[13].            Can I roam with Digicel BlackBerry Data?


Digicel Cayman Limited offers Blackberry Data Roaming (up to 100MB) for only CI$20 a month.

Digicel customers who sign up to this pass will be able to data roam anywhere with no additional charge.   Minimum contract period of three months applies.

If you have any questions, please contact a Digicel Customer Care Agent on 100 or your Corporate Account Manager before travelling.