Get Cayman’s Best Value Internet!

To get your Digicel Broadband kit, simply go to any Digicel dealer store and purchase your modem. Digicel offers a variety of modems including the Wi-Fi DX230 multi-user wireless modem or the Dongle UH235 single-user mobile unit. 

All customers get four (4) days FREE trial period with unlimited surfing and can then choose from our flexible prepaid or postpaid payment options.  It's that simple!

 Digicel 4G Broadband Service Fees


Digicel 4G Broadband Modems

WiFi modem

·         Model:  WiFi DX230 modem

·         Wireless

·         Multi-user

·         $149 (regular price)

MiFi modem

·         Connects up to 5 devices with internet

·         Wireless router

·         Multi-user

·         Prepaid: $149    Postpaid: $99